Asia Pacific Otorhinolaryngologic Surgical Training Group (APOST) Basic FEES – Live Surgery Workshop

March 18, 2021

On March 13 2021, our Olympus Academy clinical educators were asked to support the Asia Pacific Otorhinolaryngologic Surgical Training Group (APOST) in a Basic FEES – Live Surgery Workshop.  This workshop was held at Flinders Private Hospital, South Australia, with faculty members Professor Simon Carney and Professor Richard Harvey.

The hybrid workshop consisted of a Live Zoom Webinar broadcasting to Australia, New Zealand and Asia.  The two live surgery cases were on Endoscopic Septoturbinoplasty, Total Sphenoethmoidectomy, Endoscopic Frontal Sinusotomy and Draf IIA procedures, performed by Professor Simon Carney.  The live surgery was followed by didactic lectures by Professor Richard Harvey on Frontal Sinus and Dr Kornkiat Snidvongs on Anterior Skull Base Surgery.

The Live Surgery achieved a wide audience, being viewed by 415 attendees joining from numerous countries in Asia.